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Qcorp as an agency has been leveraging on our solid connections in the business world to offer our clients such as you, huge weekly/monthly incomes. We are very experienced in this regard, and we effortlessly set up for you, your own revenue generating machine by plugging you into our cash producing systems. We use several assets in this process, most times using a combination of these, and at other times, using a few. Whichever way, we are always churning out profits every week for clients.


Our ecommerce operations have long been established on successful models. We have a network of ever expanding ecom stores, marketplace accounts and buyers, which makes sure we're profitable every week. We can either connect you to one of these stores, or we connect your own store to our chain of ready buyers/customers, irrespective of niche.

Our highly experienced, No-risk, multi-market trading approach gives you a diversified portfolio which is ever increasing in value, hence making you profitable every week. It cuts across various markets including stocks, binary trading, forex, sports trading, e.t.c.

Our greatest asset is PAYONEER CAPITAL ADVANCE which our systems have been optimized to access and we do so with our high volume trades and turnover. Profits are made by offering several high ticket products at high profit margins. These profits go to you. We access the capital advance with ease because we've built a reputable standing with Payoneer over the years, and so we fully satisfy their strict criteria. Some of these criteria include marketplace credibility, duration of doing business, customer ratings, social proof, etc.


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Case sample 

PAYONEER CAPITAL ADVANCE (For only one store and product):

Sold on and fulfilled by WISH : Here

Payoneer capital advance program: Here



Forex income with 350 pips per week

For our professional services, we offer Forex Market Signals from Banks.

Forex market commentary and signals from banks are based, first of all, on analysis of global economic figures — fundamental analysis and then supported by chart price studies — technical analysis.

We have a team of Experts who are connected to each other and are Experts in Global Economic Environment and Fundamental and Technical Analysis

We are Professional traders working as Financial Analysts with 20 years experience and success., We specialize in swing trading & breakout strategies using price action analysis, which is the easiest, and most profitable approach to technical trading

We provide 85% accurate signals and guaranteed income earning portfolio for you.

Earn you guaranteed weekly income from dropshipping stores

You will have buying customers across upto 5 ecommerce marketplaces . These might be already existing stores or stores we create for you.

Every week you receive income of goods being paid for in these marketplaces, sold by your stores.

The fulfilment of products is automated as well as daily maintenance of your business.

With sales being made at these stores, you also qualify for  capital advance, which will be accessed for you.

You also don’t have to wait for your revenues to clear at these marketplaces, before getting income. As soon as you get an order, your paypal or other payment provider of your choice is credited immediately.

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Increased productivity

Best results in matter of days.


Income on autopilot

A combination of fail-safe techniques that give you income while you face the more important things in life.


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Clients Say.

"I've never missed my Capital advance or revenues. This is a wonderful company"
Jack C. Cook
“They were attentive, genuine, and followed through on everything they said they would do.”
Biagio P. Greece
"I based my decision mostly on the reviews and on the examples of the work on offer. Q corporation was very fast with delivery .Very happy with the result".
Shelly Fagin @shellyfagin